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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngRyza
Name: Ryza Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum[3b][Conflicting sources]
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Aurus Subsector[4]
System: Ryza System[3b]
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium[2a]
Class: War World[Needs Citation], Forge World[2a]
Production Grade: I-Prima[2a]
Tithe Grade: Aptus Non[2a]

Ryza is a Forge World of the Imperium.[1][2a]


Ryza's symbol.

Ryza is a formidable world, known for its plasma weapons and vehicles mounted with them, such as the feared Leman Russ Executioner (which is no longer produced by any other Forge World)[1][2b] and the Stormblade Super Heavy Tank (which was first developed on Ryza).[2c] The Forge World is home to the Titan Legion known as the Legio Crucius (a.k.a. the Warmongers).[2a]

Ryza Secundus[7c]

Ryza's approach is defended by an artificial moon known as Ryza Secundus. It is large enough to hold an entire Expeditionary Fleet of the Great Crusade. Today, the artificial celestial body is inscribed with the names of 12 House Vornherr Knights which fought to the end to defend it during the Defence of Ryza in the Horus Heresy.[7a]


Early History

Ryza was settled during the Dark Age of Technology and became the center of a great technological empire. During the Age of Strife Ryza was isolated from other Forge Worlds and its colonists survived within the city of Prosperity. During these desperate times the people clung to faith.[7c] Thus the Omnissiah Igvita (or "Life Blood of the Omnissiah") was founded on Ryza and dedicated itself to the study of all plasma technology.[7a]

Contact with the Imperium

When the Imperium arrived during the Great Crusade, Ryza peacefully assimilated into the domain of the Emperor. By the end of the Great Crusade, Ryza stood second only to Mars in power and prestige among the Martian Mechanicum. Its production capability, specialty in plasma manufacturing, and strategic location allowed it to be one of the central points for the Imperial expansion into the eastern Galaxy.[7a] Its power and hoarding of advanced plasma technology creatures some tensions and suspicious with Mars, leading to the world strengthening its forces in preparation for conflict.[8] This proved to be fortuitous, as during the Horus Heresy Ryza became known as a loyalist bastion in the East, leading to it being assaulted by the Dark Mechanicus. In the battle that followed the loyalists prevailed, though over 4/5ths of the planet's infrastructure was destroyed.[7b]

Recent History

Ryza has been attacked by not one but two Ork Waaagh!sWaaagh! Grax[3a] and Waaagh! Rarguts.[6b] During the 13th Black Crusade though, Waaagh! Grax was finally defeated, but disaster struck the Forge World in the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation and Ryza soon found itself invaded by hordes of Daemons. Now only the presence of the numerous Astra Militarum Regiments that were originally sent to deal with the Ork Waaaghs! have prevented the Forge World from falling to the forces of Chaos.[5]


Notable Locations

Map of Ryza during the Horus Heresy[7a]
  • Ryza Secundus - Massive artificial station above the planet, more akin to a moon than a space station. Constructed over a number of centuries, it bristles with weaponry and repair stations. It is large enough to house an entire Expeditionary Fleet of the Great Crusade.[7c]
  • Continent of Founding - The first of Ryza's continents settled. By the time of the Imperium it was the less populated of the two for much of its resources had been plundered after colonization.[7c]
    • Prosperity - The oldest settlement of Ryza and among the strongest and most important centers. It houses mass processing centers which assess the quality of Ryza's products, discarding all found wanting. Vast mag trains flow from the city and to various manufactorums.[7c]
    • Western Forges - dedicated solely to constructing war machines including the famed Stormblade.[7c]
    • Salvation Isthmus - The passageway between Ryza's two continents, dotted with manufactorums and highways from which Reclamation Teams scour Ryza's seabed in search of anything of value.[7c]
    • Conveyance Terminus Nine-Omega - Primary Spaceport.[7c]
  • Continent of Erudition - The more newly settled continent with less plundered resources. Here the Hierophant Technis of Ryza houses their Forge.
    • Fortress of Iron - Towering hollow mountain that serves as the bastion of the Legio Crucius.
    • Endeavour - Forge-City larger than that of Prosperity. Endeavour serves as a repository of knowledge, for beneath the city lay archival catacombs containing the worlds knowledge. Deeper still are the war vaults of Ryza which are sealed on the order of the Emperor. Known to only a few, it was here that House Sidus makes their home.[7c]
    • Sea of Reclamation' - Ryza's primary ocean. Though once home to sea life it is now mainly sewage and industrial run-off. It serves primarily as a reservoir, heated by vast hydrothermal vents situated on the sea floor. Its pollute oceans are scoured by the Mechanicum who search for anything of value. Some on the planet see the sea as a direct link to the Omnissiah due to its innumerable chemical reactions. Ryza claims that numerous innovations have been made from the findings Tech-Priests have observed in the Sea of Reclamation including the technology to build the Stormblade.[7c]

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