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Sa'cea is a Tau sept, a star system within the Tau Empire.[1a]

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map sa'cea.jpg Name Sa'cea Sa'cea Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: First
Location: Eastern Fringe Sa'cea Fire Warrior.jpg
Colours: Orange Sept markings, blue-grey armour[1b]


Sa'cea is a hot, densely populated Tau world. When the planet was originally settled by the Tau during the First Sphere of Expansion, the world was overrun with fierce flesh-eating predators that had to be hunted down and destroyed by the Fire Caste before settlers would dare to land.[1a]

The worlds of the Sa'cea Sept boast interconnected dome cities and agriplexes that cover almost the entire surface. Beneath these foundations are sprawling Earth Caste facilities while its once inhospitable desserts are teeming with trillions. Despite its high population, Sa'cea does not resemble a hellish Imperial Hive World. Its population lives simple spartan lifestyles but are otherwise happy and healthy, with each citizen ensuring their world remains manageable and efficient.[4]

This ingrained discipline extends to the military realm. Sa'cea is highly militarised and has one of the greatest proportion of fire warriors in the Tau Empire.[1a] Their commanders prefer Kauyon tactics, which makes use of their extreme discipline and patience. They are also skilled in urban warfare, in part due to their own world being highly urbanized. The subterranean realms of Sa'cea employ training domes which mimic urban enviornments of various other enemy species.[4]

During the Second Sphere Expansion Sa'cea produced more colonisation fleets than any other world.[2]

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