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Sa'ra'am is a Daemon, known by various titles such as The Daemon Beneath, The Knife's Edge, and the Laughter of War, Sa'ra'am claims to have been created when the first mortal made a tool with the purpose of taking another life. Since then, he has only grown stronger as weapons have grown and developed. At some point, Sa'ra'am was bound within the Forge World of Sarum, a fate that he secretly relishes as it allows him to remain free of the direct control of the Ruinous Powers.[1]

During the Horus Heresy, Perturabo journeyed to Sarum and met with Sa'ra'am in order to discover the location of Angron. The Daemon eventually revealed the Daemon Primarch to be on the world of Deluge, then possessed the body of the Iron Warrior Volk, creating the first Obliterator.[1]