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Sabik Wayland

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Sabik Wayland was an Iron Father of the Iron Hands Legion during the Horus Heresy. [1] [2]


He was deployed with the rest of his Legion to Istvaan V and during the Drop Site Massacre managed to survive and escape. His singular focus and drive to survive included helping Astartes from other Legions, notably he picked up the wounded Nykona Sharrowkyn of the Raven Guard and carried him to safety.[2] (This scene later was depicted in the halls of The Eye of Medusa on the planet of Medusa).[3] Sharrowkyn and Wayland escaped the massacre aboard one of the Iron Hands' Stormbirds and joined the decimated remains of the Iron Hands.[2]

Little did he realize that his fate and that of the Legionnaire he saved would be intertwined from that day forth. Sharrowkyn remained with Sabik on the Iron Hands vessel Sisypheum, where he and a single Salamanders Apocathary remained in a company of over 300 Iron Hands.[Needs Citation]

At some point during the Heresy, Sharrowkyn, accompanied by Wayland, was deployed to the Forge World of Cavor Sarta to recover the Kryptos machine. During this mission he killed one of the Word Bearers who was trying to save and hide one of the Kryptos. With the Kryptos, Loyalist commanders were able to finally access the Traitors’ coded communications and allowing them to see their arranged meetings. [1]

Sabik and Nykona were inserted on to Hydra Cordatus, to intercept the meeting of the Traitor Primarchs Fulgrim and Perturabo. After learning of Fulgrim's intentions to enter the Eye of Terror and recover the Angel Exterminatus, he and his partner Sharrowkyn acted as a Sniper pair and managed to shoot Fulgrim in the head. Both once again showed their skill and escaped despite two legions and a huge fleet attempting to kill them eventually returning to the Sisypheum. The decision was then made to intercede in the Traitors plan to acquire the unknown xenos weapon, taking them to the dead eldar world of Iydris.[2]

Iron Father Sabik Wayland is neither subtle nor stealthy but compliments Nykona Sharrowkyn with his technical skills such as repairing, hacking or destroying technology but also his skills as a pilot and is an exceptional shot with a Needler. As a pair of operatives on clandestine operations, Sabik Wayland and Nykona Sharrowkyn work exceptionally well together.[2]