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Sachiel was a Sanguinary Priest of the Blood Angels.


This page contains spoilers for: Blood Angels (Novel Series)

Sachiel was born into one of the few tribal families on Baal which had permanent landholdings.[3a] After his induction into the Blood Angels, Sachiel eventually joined the Sanguinary Priests and was later one of the leading members of the Bellus Expedition, to recover the Spear of Telesto from Ork-held space.[1][2a]

The mission was a success, and Sachiel soon attached himself to the rising star of Arkio, who went from being a humble Battle Brother to a daring and inspiring leader, whom many believed to be the reincarnation of the Blood Angels' primarch, Sanguinius. He enthusiastically supported Arkio's decisions to form a new conscript army from the liberated human population of Shenlong, and even encouraged Arkio's notion of supplanting Lord Commander Dante, as Chapter Master of the Blood Angels.[1]

During the preparation of the army, Sachiel burst in on Inquisitor Ramius Stele, Arkio's other close advisor, and was horrified to see the Inquisitor consorting with the forces of Chaos.[3b]

However, Stele psychically blocked these memories, which did not surface again until the confrontation on Sabien, between Arkio's nascent cult and the loyalist force commanded by Chief Librarian Mephiston. When Arkio was wounded in hand-to-hand combat with his brother Rafen, the sight of the "Blessed One" being wounded shook the faith of all his followers, but Sachiel, as a Sanguinary Priest, was able to sense the chaotic corruption of Arkio's blood once it was exposed to air, which removed Stele's blocks on Sachiel's memory.[3c] Realizing that he had been duped and manipulated by Stele, and had assisted in a rebellion against the Blood Angels to satisfy his own conceit, Sachiel collapsed with shame, shortly before Stele drove a psychic spike into the Priest's head, killing him.[1][3c]


Sachiel's main weaknesses were his vanity and ambition. Coming from the closest thing the feral natives of Baal had to a landed aristocracy, he considered himself above his fellow Baalites, and later his fellow Blood Angels. He took his acceptance into the Chapter and his ascension up the ranks of the Sanguinary Priests for granted, and was rankled not to hold the highest rank of all.[2a] On several occasions, he would look at the replica of the Red Grail issued to him as a Sanguinary Priest, and dream of one day replacing Corbulo and possessing the original as his own.[3a]

Arkio's brother Rafen reflected that he had never liked Sachiel, even before his long absence on the Bellus expedition, because of the Priest's ingrained hauteur.[2a]

Inquisitor Stele, who was a master at manipulating others, once reflected that Sachiel was one of his easiest "subjects," simply because the Priest's ambition and blind piety made him easy to sway.[3a] Sachiel, at least, realized this about himself in the moments before his death.[1][3c]