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Sacking of Colonia

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The Sacking of Colonia was a battle fought in late M41. Taking place on Colonia, the battle saw the Imperial Guard Mortant VII 'Headhunters' battle Ork forces under Warboss Gharag Badtoof. After defeating the Warboss, it is said the Mortant Regiment went on a three month rampage and devastated the civilian populace. However many maintain they were innocent, and the damage was done by the Orks.[1]

Also during the Sacking, a surprise assault by Eldar from Saim-Hann threatened to annihilate the Mortant VII. However the Eldar were forced to retreat after a single squad of the Catachan Devils under Gunnery Sergeant Harker ambushed the aliens from concealed positions and killed their Autarch with Heavy Bolter fire.[2]

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