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Saffor Sengir

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Saffor Sengir was an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus who spent her life seeking out the secrets of the Lord of Change Ix'thar'ganix.[1]

After learning of the Daemon’s power of foresight, Sengir slowly descended into obsession, convinced she could steal this power for the Imperium. For decades the Inquisitor scoured the galaxy for cursed objects and profane artifacts linked to the Lord of Change. Eventually, in the drifting hulk of an alien vessel, she found the bones of the Whisperer, a long-dead xenos creature once possessed by Ix’thar’ganix. With these remains, she hoped to summon the Daemon and bind it to her will. However, in 941.M41 Ix’thar’ganix instead was able to have her possessed by the Great Unclean One Lurgon. In the resulting Plague of Madness, Sengir's body was destroyed.[1]

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