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Sagittarus Malacque

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Sagittarus of the Moritoi

Sagittarus Malacque was one of the first thirty Custodians of the Emperor of Mankind, choleric and wild.[1b] He was the first Custodian to die and was entombed in a Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought as a warrior of the Moritoi.[1a]


Sagittarus Malacque fought at the Battle of Maulland Sen during the Unification Wars as part of the Emperor's honour guard of thirty Custodians. The Emperor signalled the Thunder Legion to advance using Sagittarus' Guardian Spear. Sagittarus witnessed the Emperor's execution of the Priest-King of Maulland Sen after the battle, raising his severed head to the cheers of the Thunder Warriors.[1b]

Sagittarus was the first of the Custodians to die, entombed in a Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought bearing the words "only in death does duty end" carved by the Emperor Himself[1b]. His Dreadnought was armed with a Power Fist with built-in Plasma Gun and a Kheres-pattern Assault Cannon.[1c]

Sagittarus was reawoken for the War Within the Webway, fighting alongside and even commanding Custodes forces against Daemonic hordes. He was badly damaged by the possessed Archimandrite during the fighting but was saved by Arkhan Land.[1]

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