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Saint Cyllia Massacres

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The Sant Cyllia Massacres were a battle waged in 863.M41 fought between the Imperial Guard and the Adamant Fury Traitor Titan Legion.[1]

Imperial Guard Knight Commander Pask gained notoriety when the Commander and his company gained at least four Titan-class kills. Pask himself destroyed the feared Ravager-Class Titan Damnation Eternus, by hitting its plasma reactor with a single battle cannon shell, destroying the mighty machine in a delayed but violent explosion that lit up the sunset sky, flinging pieces of the monstrous metal hard into the blood-soaked massacre's site.[1][2] The Chaos Titans ultimately emerged victorious, but Pask exacted his revenge during the battle on Planus Steppes[3]. Over eight thousand tank companies and thirty-five super-heavy detachments were annihilated during the continent spanning, year long war that followed. However with the support of three entire Knight Houses, Pask's forces cornered the surviving Traitor Titans and destroyed them one by one.[5]

In the wake of the massacre, the Iron Hands commit several hundred tanks to the destruction of the Adamant Fury Legion. Their Land Raiders prove vital during the Battle of Planus Steppes, protecting the flanks of the Cadian 423rd Armored Regiment and accounting for no less than four traitor Titans.[4]