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Sak'trada Deeps Campaign

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The Sak'trada Deeps Campaign was a campaign waged by the Iron Warriors during the Great Crusade in 999.M30.[1]

The campaign was waged in the Sak'trada Deeps and included the Vula Straits. Though the invasion was ordered by the War Council, the planets bore little strategic value. Nonetheless, Perturabo dutifully invaded the deeps and sought to purge it of its Hrud inhabitants. However the Hrud's time-warping abilities and esoteric weaponry took a vicious toll on the Iron Warriors. Perturabo and Magos Tzurin Four were eventually able to construct a Stasis Field generator that negated much of the Hrud's entropic fields, which gave the Iron Warriors an advantage and allowed them to inflect heavily casualties on the Xenos. This act threw the Hrud into a panic, and they began to migrate out of the system by the billions.[1]

This final migration turned catastrophic for the Iron Warriors as they faced thousands of Hrud migration vessels, accompanied by continent-sized warrens that broke free of infested planets. The Iron Warriors fleet could not combat such a force, and hundreds of Hrud ships escaped. Sensing the danger represented by Perturabo, the Hrud set off a temporal shockwave that caused a rip in space-time. The shockwave washed over the Iron Blood, devastating the vessel and much of the Iron Warriors fleet with it. The Iron Blood only survived by ramming one of its disabled sister ships in order to escape in time. With the Hrud gone, it took the Iron Warriors a week to re-assemble their shattered forces. As Perturabo looked upon the damage, he could only silently blame the Emperor for the debacle.[1]

Meanwhile on Golghis, Barabas Dantioch's Grand Company was lost in fighting before they were forced to evacuate the planet. This led the Warsmith, who had prematurely aged some 3,000 years from the battle, to question the value of the campaign in front of Perturabo himself, which saw him demoted and sent to Lesser Damantyne. Shortly after, Perturabo received news of a rebellion on Olympia.[1]