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Salamanders Fleet

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The Salamanders Fleet is commanded by Captain Dac'tyr of the fourth company. The Master of the Fleet of the Salamanders Chapter also holds the title of Lord of the Burning Skies. The Salamanders Fleet is based on Nocturne's moon Prometheus and as such, it plays host to a great dock where the chapters' Strike Cruisers and Battle Barges can be restored. Along with the Fleet in general, two of the Chapters greatest relics are kept on Prometheus, The Chalice of Fire, a vast forge-ship of Vulkan's that provides most of the Chapters armament, is moored at Prometheus and 'The Eye of Vulkan', an array of space-bound lasers which orbits Prometheus, protecting it from attack.[1a]


Gloriana Class Battleship

Battle Barges

Strike Cruisers




Notable Members

Masters of the Fleet

Ship Captains


Salamanders pilots ritually scar themselves with the dactyl sigil. Pilots are the only Salamanders allowed to scar their faces before the rest of their body.[7b]

Notable Battles

  • M35-Commorragh Raid - The Battle Barge Vulkans Wrath spearheads the Salamanders attempt to rescue the damaged Forgehammer[5]
  • 905.M41-Badab War - The Pyre of Glory and Obsidia were both involved in the loyalist effort during the Badab War.[4]
  • 975.M41-Defense of Nocturne - Captain Dac'tyr commanded the orbital battle over Nocturne. In order to defeat the larger Dragon Warriors Dac'tyr split his forces into two pincers. One made up of the Flamewrought and the Serpentine and the other made up of the Vulkan's Wrath and the Hammerforge.[1b]This tactic was successful and the Salamanders were victorious in the battle.