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Sallan's World Campaign

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Sallan's World Campaign or Sallan’s World Offensive was an anti-imperial rebellion raised on the Sallan's World.[1]

On the ice planet of Sallan’s World the Valhallan 8th found a home away from home. Facing well-equipped secessionist rebels in the more hospitable sub-arctic tundra belt (the only inhabitable part of Sallan’s World), the regiment made a successful planetary assault. After securing the beachhead the 8th launched a bold enveloping offensive to isolate and cut off the rebel fortress and command center at Sallan’s Point.[1]

In a month-long offensive, the tank columns ploughed through deep snow, blizzards and thick pine forests. Each column was spearheaded by Vanquishers and two of the regiment’s four Baneblades. Throughout the advance all rebel counter attacks where thrown back and defensive positions where overrun. When the two columns met up the fortress was surrounded and besieged.[1]

The siege lasted another month. As temperatures plummeted the Valhallan 8th artillery pounded the outlying defenses into rubble, before the regiment’s Medusa battery was brought into the line to breach the main curtain wall.[1]

With their walls in ruins and facing an overwhelming assault the rebels tried to break out; using the last of their tanks to blast an escape route. A four-day tank battle resulted, as the 8th pursued the escapees out of the pine forests and into the frozen wastes. Amidst howling blizzards the rebels were brought to battle and gave no quarter before being annihilated. The battle resulted in the loss of two of the regiment’s Baneblades. Those leaders who were captured alive were executed on Inquisition orders. All other prisoners were transported to penal worlds.[1]

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