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Salvador Sondar

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Salvador Sondar[Note 1] was the High Master of the Hive City of Vervunhive on Verghast during the Ferrozoica-Vervunhive War of 769.M41.


A member of the noble House Sondar, Salvador held a deep contempt for his uncle and predecessor, Heironymo Sondar, whom he killed to attain his position as the High Master.[1c] He also held an almost macabre fascination with servitors and bio-constructs that was infamous amongst the Vervunhive nobility, who had made many attempts to curtail his clone farming and surgical whims over the years.[1a][1b]

Salvador was quite reclusive by the time the war with Ferrozoica took place, and spent most of his time in an Awareness Tank (nicknamed the "Iron Tank") on Level Top-700 of the Vervunhive Upper Spine, where he floated in a life-sustaining liquid and was directly wired into the Hive's system, giving him direct control of the Hive's defences. He rarely appeared in public, opting instead to send his puppet servitors and cherubim as his representatives.[1a][1b]

Ferrozoica-Vervunhive War

Because Salvador considered House Clatch, the ruling House of Ferrozoica, to be a friend, he fervently denied the reports that Ferrozoica was massing for war against them. He even went as far as to order his servitors to kill Marshal Gnide, the chief military officer of Vervunhive, when he attempted to test-start Vervunhive's shield in anticipation of Ferrozoica's attack (seeing it as both insubordination and an attempt to undermine his powers).[1a]

Because Salvador was directly connected to the Hive's systems, the Chaos Magister Asphodel was able to gradually corrupt him with the Chaotic comm chatter that was also engulfing the Hive, and ordered him to drop Vervunhive's shield at the most critical moment.[1c][1d][1e][1f] The deactivation of the Shield left Vervunhive open to artillery bombardment from the waiting Zoican forces, which reduced much of the Hive to rubble.[1g]

Salvador Sondar was killed when Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt led a strike force of Royal Volpone Stormtroopers into his residence in an attempt to reactivate the Shield. After fighting through Sondar's entourage of bodyguard servitors, Colonel Gizhaum Gilbear was given the honour of personally ending the High Master's life, which he did by dropping a grenade through the shattered porthole of Sondar's tank.[1g]



  • Note 1: At various points in the novel, Sondar's first name is spelled Salvadore instead of Salvador.[1g]