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Salvation of Correus

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The Salvation of Correus is an Astartes Combat Blade, the slightest scratch from which causes nightmarish visions and agonising pain.

Deathwatch Brother Correus was seeking information about a high-ranking Dark Eldar known as "Lady Malys," when he was captured, his mission compromised by a false lead. After many weeks of horrific torture in the dungeon of a Master Haemonculus, his tormentor bound Correus onboard a grav-craft, and forced him to watch a hideously devastating surprise attack on a Space Marine force. When another Battle-brother was dragged, unconscious, onto the craft, Correus broke his bonds and grabbed the new victim's combat knife. He plunged the blade deep into the heart of the Haemonculus, before leaping to the ground. He was found hours later by Space Marine Scouts, still clutching the weapon, and eventually returned to Erioch. The combat blade, meanwhile, was tainted with whatever vile concoction passed for blood in the Dark Eldar's veins. [1]