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Salvator Ark

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Salvator Ark are a type of Adeptus Mechanicus ship, that are used to salvage the wrecks of both Imperial and Chaos ships.[1]


They deploy Scavenger Scows to do so, which will salvage the wrecks and bring parts back to the Ark. The Salvators can also deploy Salvage Pods, if its determined that a wrecked ship is intact enough to be repaired instead. If there are multiple ships in an area, then the Arks will be placed between the wrecks for maximum distance efficiency. That way, the Arks' Scavenger Scows can reach more than one ship and waste little time in returning to the Ark with their salvage.[1]

The Adeptus Mechanicus will also recover and reuse the wrecks of Chaos ships, as they are often of older, superior Imperial patterns. However while this is standard policy for the Mechanicus and Imperial Navy, it is forbidden from being done in the Indomitus Crusade's Fleet Primus by order of Lord Commander Guilliman. He believes that once a ship has been corrupted by Chaos, it will always be tainted no matter what is done to cleanse it. This led Guilliman to order that all Chaos ships are to be destroyed, rather then risk the corruption reemerging in a rebuilt ship. Fleet Primus' Mechanicus members became outraged by this, as Guilliman's own flagship, Macragge's Honour, had once been captured and used by the Red Corsairs. In the end, the Lord Commander was forced to make several examples of those who disobeyed him, before the new law was finally accepted.[1]

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