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Samech is a Hell Forge of the Dark Mechanicum, known as the "Fallen Forge World".[1]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Galaxy map ultimasegmentum.jpg
Small cross.png
Name: Samech Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Unknown
System: Jericho Reach
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Dark Mechanicum
Class: Hell Forge


When the Warp Storm known as the Hadex Anomaly erupted in the Jericho Reach region in early M40, the Forge World initially remained a bastion of faith to the Cult Mechanicus and the Imperium. However as time wore on and the world came under frequent Xenos and raider attack, the Quorum of Magi leading the Forge World began to question the Imperium, suspecting they had been abandoned. The Magi determined that Samech would only survive through self-sufficiency. In their quest for self-sufficiency, the Techpriests of Samech began to dabble into Techno-Heresy and explore any new weapon or machine that would benefit their Forge World. The defenses of the planet were reinforced with these new forbidden technologies. As xenos and raider attacks intensified, paranoia grew as the Priests of Samech viewed any outsider as enemies.[1]

Finally in 325.M40, an Explorator Fleet arrived in orbit, unaware of what had transpired on the planet. Samech's defenses fired on and destroyed the Mechanicus fleet, and Samech was declared to be an apostate world by the High Lords of Terra. The Quorum of Samech by this point viewed their world as an independent realm, free from the dogma of the Imperium. Soon Samech forces began raiding nearby planets for resources and slaves to work their Forges.[1]

It was at this point that the Hadex Anomaly finally swept up Samech itself, casting the planet with energies of the Warp. The Tech-Priests of the world were finally and fully corrupted to the powers of Chaos. Now free of any sense of taboo or restraint, the Samech Priests researched any and all technologies they could discover, often making pacts with the Gods of Chaos and Xenos to further their research. Among these creations were the Simuloptera. This new freedom has plunged the planet into anarchy as Tech-Priests focus on their own affairs and maintain the own forges. As a result, the world no longer has a logical, unified basis of production. Forge-cities rise in random fashion while factories lay in ruins elsewhere.[1]

Current Status

The closest thing Samech now has to an Overlord is the Furnace Lord. His Forge is the most powerful of Samech, and he has built a powerful network of many vassal-forges. To maintain his grip on power, the Furnace Lord stokes the rivalries of other Tech-Priests while directing their energies against hatred of Mars.[1]

Samech is now an important Chaos stronghold and arms depot in Ultima Segmentum, providing advanced and forbidden weapons to Chaos forces in the area. Notable clients of Samech weaponry include Warsmith Koros. Koros's Iron Warriors and Samech have since entered into an unholy alliance.[2]

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