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Sanctus Reach: Black Gulch (Short Story)

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Sanctus Reach: Black Gulch
Black Gulch.jpg
Author Ben Counter
Publisher Black Library
Series Sanctus Reach
Preceded by Sanctus Reach: Evil Sun Rising
Followed by Sanctus Reach: Penumbral Spike
Released July 2014
Collected in Sanctus Reach (Anthology)
Editions July 2014 ebook
ISBN 9781782515159

Sanctus Reach: Black Gulch is a short story by Ben Counter, a tie-in to Games Workshop's Sanctus Reach expansion. It was published online in July 2014.

Cover Description

The Red Waaagh! has brought the Obsidian Glaives to their knees. Chapter Master Midnias gathers his remaining forces and sallies out to make one final attempt to save his brothers – by killing Warlord Grukk himself. As battle rages and the two great heroes are drawn together, both know that only one will walk away – and with the fate of his Chapter in the balance, Midnias knows that it must be him.

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