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Sanctus Reach: Blood on the Mountain (Novella)

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Sanctus Reach: Blood on the Mountain
Blood on the Mountain cover.jpg
Author Ben Counter
Publisher Black Library
Series Sanctus Reach
Released July 2014
Pages 86
Collected in Sanctus Reach (Anthology)
Sagas of the Space Wolves: The Omnibus
Editions July 2014 ebook
ISBN 9781849706957

Sanctus Reach: Blood on the Mountain is a novella by Ben Counter, a tie-in to Games Workshop's Sanctus Reach expansion. It was published online in July 2014.

Cover Description

The Red Waaagh! sweeps across the Knight world of Alaric Prime, and Guardsmen die by the thousands to the brutality of the orks - but the tide is about to turn. It is the Hour of the Wolf, and the sons of Fenris have arrived to bring the wrath of the Allfather to the savage greenskins. At the pinnacle of the Sacred Mountain, a small pack of Space Wolves, led by the Rune Priest Ulli Iceclaw, are assigned to destroy an ork facility manufacturing aircraft to bring terror and death to the battlefields below. Cut off from his brothers and faced with insurmountable odds, Ulli must face his nightmares in order to achieve his goal...