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Sanctus Reach: Iceclaw (Audio Drama)

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Sanctus Reach: Iceclaw
Iceclaw cover.jpg
Author Ben Counter
Publisher Black Library
Series Sanctus Reach
Released August 2014
Collected in Sanctus Reach (Anthology)
Sagas of the Space Wolves: The Omnibus
Lords of Fenris
Editions Ebook ISBN 9781782515166

Sanctus Reach: Iceclaw is an audio drama by Ben Counter, a tie-in to Games Workshop's Sanctus Reach expansion. It was published online in August 2014.

Cover Description

As the war on Alaric Prime rages, Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane's impulsive rage leads his warriors into danger. Cut off from their allies and with orks all around them, Ragnar and his Rune Priest, Ulli Iceclaw, must fight for their lives at the very heart of the greenskin hordes, even as the orks unveil a new flying superweapon that could spell doom for the Imperial defenders of Alaric Prime.

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