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Sanctus Reach: Maledictus (Novella)

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Sanctus Reach: Maledictus
Author David Annandale
Publisher Black Library
Series Sanctus Reach
Preceded by Sanctus Reach: Death Mask
Released August 2014
Pages 143
Editions August 2014 ebook
ISBN 9781849707817

Sanctus Reach: Maledictus is a novella by David Annandale, a tie-in to Games Workshop's Sanctus Reach expansion. It was published online in August 2014.

Cover Description

The elite daemon-hunting Grey Knights arrive at the world of Squire's Rest, their prognostications showing that a daemonic presence will soon erupt upon the quiet planet. But their careful plans are disrupted by another threat - the Red Waaagh! that engulfs the Sanctus Reach has come to Squire's Rest. As the Grey Knights engage the savage orks, they find that their very presence may have set events in motion that will drown the world in Chaos...


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