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Sanctus Wall

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The Sanctus Wall is a defensive network of Systems being erected by the Imperium at the southern end of the Nachmund Gauntlet.[1]


Following the arrival of Haarken Worldclaimer's armada during the Siege of Dharrovar, the military situation for the Imperium in the Nachmund Gauntlet grew dire. At Sangua Terra, the Imperials sought to organize a defensive network collectively known as the Sanctus Wall. This consisted of systems that had previously served as Indomitus Crusade supply hubs which were quickly fortified in their own right. Imperial forces mustered all along the Sanctus Wall but knew they were not enough to withstand the incoming attack. Making a painful decision, the Imperials drew a line across the Nachmund Gauntlet at the point where the Shrine World of Centor’s Landing sat. All Imperial holdings beyond that, in the half closest to Vigilus, were to weather the storm the best they could. All Imperial holdings south of the line evacuated their populace for the Sanctus Wall, with priority given to military forces. Massive amounts of forces and supplies surged into the areas, creating discontent and instability throughout the greater region. One of the biggest boons to the defense was Indomitus Crusade Fleet Secundus' Battle Group Lambdax.[1]

Meanwhile, Abaddon was well aware that the Sanctus Wall would pose a major threat if it were completed. Even as Haarken’s fleet moved forward, Abaddon’s agents were already at work to undermine the Imperial effort to solidify the Sanctus Wall alongside cells of Alpha Legion and Word Bearers. This led to all-out war at Leopolde as entire Regiments turned traitor and attacked their former allies. Many more Regiments pledged themselves to Chaos in secret and waited for the right opportunity to strike. Many more traitors deliberately left weak points in the defenses for Chaos armies to later exploit, sabotaged supply and communication lines, and even conduct dark rituals. Not all of these actions went unnoticed, and Inquisition teams were able to round up many of the subversives, many on key locations such as Sangua Terra itself. These Inquisitorial units were organized into the Sanctus Entente under Derelei Melcho, Okal Nusa, and Atuwe Kikiya of the Ordo Militarum as well as Bataivah of the Ordo Hereticus. A second such alliance, known as the Septagrammaton Sanguis, included seven Inquisitors from the Ordo Hereticus, Ordo Malleus, Ordo Aegis, Ordo Astartes, Ordo Maledictum, and Ordo Scriptorum.[1]

Thanks to the sacrifice of Lord Admiral Quirin Prisca's fleet during the Battle of the Narrow, the Imperium bought enough time to arm and supply the defensive network before Haarken Worldclaimer's inevitable invasion comes.[1]

Known Systems and Worlds[1]

Forces Defending the Sanctus Wall[1]

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