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Sargon Eregesh

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Sargon Eregesh was a member of the Word Bearers Legion who was born on Colchis and became a Chaplain of the Brazenhead Chapter. He took part in the Horus Heresy and fought in the Battle of Terra, where he suffered a grievous Plasma Weapon wound that left him unable to speak, but he continued to telepathically communicate through a reanimated corpse.[1a]

After the Traitors were defeated and fled into the Eye of Terror, Sargon disowned the teachings of Lorgar and became a servant of Abaddon. During the subsequent Legion War, Abaddon dispatched Sargon to gather reliable allies for his coming war against Fabius Bile and his clone of Horus. Sargon succeeded in finding Falkus Kibre, Lheorvine Ukris, and Iskandar Khayon and giving them the location of both Abaddon and the Vengeful Spirit before being caught in an ambush by the Emperor's Children.[1b]

Sargon survived the battle against the Emperor's Children and continued to serve Abaddon into the 1st Black Crusade[2a] and rose to become a Lord-Prelate within the Black Legion. However he was later captured by the Imperium and was driven mad by his captivity, though his Imperial captors learned much about the Black Legion from his ravings.[2b]