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The Saruthi are a minor alien race encountered by the Imperium over the course of events of a young Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn during his prosecution of House Glaw.


This page contains spoilers for: Xenos (Novel)

Until the forging of the Imperium, the Saruthi had an ancient and small empire of about forty worlds, though this would change upon their first contact with humanity. Fleeing from the Imperium at an unknown point in history, a heretical group of human refugees bartered with the Saruthi for asylum in exchange for the Necroteuch, a Chaotic tome of considerable power. The knowledge contained within corrupted the Saruthi utterly, and the power of Chaos entered into their souls and minds, even their genetic code. A civil war engulfed their empire, leading to abandonment of many outposts and colonies. Their empire shrank immensely.[1b]

One old world of theirs that had been abandoned as a result of their civil war was designated in imperial records as KCX-1288, to which they would briefly return to complete their compact with House Glaw. Another world, which held a surviving population of Saruthi, was the world known as 56-Izar,[1c] which had been invaded by an Inquisitorial task force searching for the Saruthi version of the Necroteuch. 56-Izar was subjected to Exterminatus after the Saruthi Necroteuch was destroyed, and no contact was made with the Saruthi again.[1d]

Biology and Culture

They have no optical or auditory organs, but sense the world with a sensory combination of touch, smell and taste that are extremely well developed by human standards, and can glean considerably more information than the human sensory apparatus.[1b]. An interesting feature of their society is their considerable chaotic knowledge allows them a reliance on bending reality to use four-dimensional space, which gives the Saruthi and their artificial landscapes (called "tetrascapes") an unnatural lack of symmetry that is unnerving and disorienting to anyone that views one, as well as creating their method of interplanetary travel; instead of relying on starships, the Saruthi utilized four-dimensional "tunnels" for interplanetary travel, not unlike the Webway.[1c]

They are described as being somewhat arachnoid or crustacean, with five limbs forming off of a flat, gray body in no particular order. Their head was oblate and supported by a thick, boneless neck from the middle of their body. They are around two meters tall and weigh twice the mass of a man. They walk on silver stilts, adding a further meter to their height.[1a] They can interlace their fingers into an eerily uncanny resemblance of a human face. In addition, their blood is a grey ichor, and they have the ability to form a field of electric-blue energy around their head which can fire bolts of energy for offense.[1b]

There was also another form of Saruthi which were utilized as slaves. They were sickly, bloated, and misshapen, and had wrinkled, white, blotchy skin and a restraining device attached to their legs instead of stilts.[1a]

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