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Satel Aimery

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Satel Aimery was a Captain of the Blood Angels during the Horus Heresy.[1]

During the Siege of Terra, Aimery took part in the defense of the Gorgon Bar bastion of the Imperial Palace alongside his Primarch, Sanguinius.[1] He next was seen in the final stages of the Siege defending the Sanctum Imperialis alongside heroes such as Fafnir Rann, Zephon, Nassir Amit, and Namahi.[1]

Following the death of Sanguinius at the hands of Horus, Aimery fell into the madness of the Black Rage with the rest of the Blood Angels and gruesomely attacked both sides[3a]. However the madness lifted with Aimery still alive, and the warrior is later seen taking part in a funeral service for Sanguinius alongside Raldoron, Azkaellon, and 500 other surviving Blood Angels.[3b]