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Sathariel the Invokator[1a] is a Fallen Angel[1b] Sorcerer who is part of the Chaos forces fighting in the Traxis Sector Conflict. Later during that conflict, he invaded the Death World Nectavus VI, in order to open a Warp portal in its orbit[1a], which would turn it into a Daemon World and allow the forces of Chaos a permanent foothold in the Traxis Sector[1c]. As he began the ritual, the numerous species and factions taking part in the Traxis Sector conflict, tried to stop Sathariel, but none could reach him before the Warp portal opened[1b]. Now a tide of Daemons have been unleashed upon Nectavus VI, chief among them the Daemon Prince Vha'shaelhur, and the Death World has begun to be corrupted by torrents of blood rain. The only way now to prevent Nectavus VI, from becoming a Daemon World is to kill Sathariel, before the ritual is completed; which would force the Warp portal to be closed.[1c]

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