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Sautekh Dynasty

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Sautekh Dynasty Symbol and Immortal

The Sautekh Dynasty is the most powerful Necron Dynasty currently ruled over by Phaeron Imotekh the Stormlord.


Consisting of eighty Tomb Worlds, its crownworld is Mandragora on the Eastern Fringe[1b]. In the times before the biotransference that transformed the Necrontyr into the Necrons, the Sautekh Dyansty was ranked third most powerful of all the dynasties. Through chance or design, many of the core Sautekh Tomb Worlds survived the Great Sleep. Now, the Sautekh Dynasty is more powerful than any other and is quickly becoming a major threat on the Imperium's Eastern Borders.[1a] To the Imperium, the dynasty has become synonymous with the Necrons, and it is erroneously believed by many that they represent the alien race as a whole, with all other dynasties being mere offshoots of the Sautekh.[4]

Its nobility is noted as being the most aggressive and the most eager in attempting a new wave of expansion to restore the Necron race to its former glory.[1a] They are known to frequently enslave non-human worlds.[4]

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