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Scabbs is a Necromunda half-Ratskin Bounty Hunter, who is active in Hive Primus and is the friend and partner to the famous Bounty Hunter Kal Jerico.[1]

Living in the Underhive as a product of two worlds, Scabbs' Ratskin heritage has been both a blessing and a curse. It gives him an innate connection to the Underhive, that allows Scabbs' ‘nose’ to find paths through seemingly impassable Badzones or track foes across the shifting wastes of the Hive bottom. Most Underhivers, however, see him as a savage and an outlander, leading Scabbs to never fully being accepted into any settlement. This likely led to the violent course his life took, as Scabbs became a hired gun and wastelands guide, in order to make a living. His life later took a drastic turn, though, when he crossed paths with Kal Jerico. The famed Bounty Hunter saw within Scabbs, a talented scout with a keen eye for danger and a good heart; something Scabbs had never thought of himself as. Kal would soon take on Scabbs as his Bounty Hunter partner and his easy acceptance of the half-Ratskin, led Scabbs to develop an unfailing loyalty to Kal in return. In the years since their partnership began, Scabbs has repeatably proven his worth to Kal with his level-headed pragmatism and healthy dose of caution. These qualities have often saved the pairs' life in the countless perilous situations they encountered as Bounty Hunters.[1]

While Kal is the more famous of the two, their partnership has caused Scabbs own reputation to grow and has him to have many adventures on his own. This especially occurs, during those periods when Kal mysteriously disappears for weeks to months at a time. This sometimes leads him to partner with fellow Bounty Hunter Yolanda Catallus, who has been an ally and sometimes foe of Kal and Scabbs. Though whether this is because she feels sorry for Scabbs or using him to get close to Kal is not known. Regardless, either working by himself or with other Bounty Hunters, Scabbs has proven he can hold his own.[1]