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Scaevolla was a Captain of the Luna Wolves (and later Sons of Horus) Legion during the Great Crusade. He followed his primarch Horus in rebelling against the Imperium during the Horus Heresy and, following the Traitors' defeat in the Siege of Terra, he went on to become a member of the Black Legion.[1]


Scaevolla was an officer of the Luna Wolves and fought in the Great Crusade for the Imperium. At some point during the Crusade, he developed a close friendship with Captain Aleph of the Imperial Fists, after Scaevolla rescued Aleph from the anak of Cestus II in the Battle of Thrael Falls. For the remainder of the Crusade, he relished the opportunity for his forces to fight alongside Aleph and the Fists. Together, Scaevolla and Aleph cleansed the Haruspex of Crore and held the monastery of Satrapos alone against the ork hordes of the Starbiter[1]

After Horus was named Warmaster of the Great Crusade following the Ullanor Triumph, his Legion, including Scaevolla, were renamed the Sons of Horus in his honour. Scaevolla would later follow his Primarch, rejecting the Imperium and embracing Chaos, and he fought with the bulk of his Legion in the subsequent Horus Heresy. Notably, he was amongst the Sons of Horus to fight in the Siege of Terra, being part of the force tasked with landing near the Imperial Palace and breaching the Eternity Gate. There he met Aleph once again, for the last time. Scaevolla attempted one last time to convince Aleph to join him in the rebellion, but Aleph refused and Scaevolla, enraged at his friend's seeming betrayal, engaged him in a duel. He defeated Aleph but, as the Imperial Fist died, Scaevolla ripped out one of Aleph's progenoid glands and swore an oath to the Four True Gods that he would hunt down and kill, not just Aleph, but all of the descendants that were created from Aleph's gene-seed and build a monument to Chaos from his victims' skulls. Unfortunately for Scaevolla, Aleph, and many others through the years, the Gods were listening and Scaevolla's oath became binding.[1]

Not long after making his oath, the Emperor killed Horus and the Loyalist forces were able to push the Traitor armies off Terra. Scaevolla fled with most of the remnants of the Sons of Horus into the Eye of Terror and eventually joined the nascent Black Legion under Abaddon the Despoiler. Periodically, he would have nightmares that would alert him to the location of one of Aleph's descendants. He and his personal squadron would then hunt down the Space Marine. Once found, Scaevolla would engage his opponent in a duel and kill them, removing their skull and placing it before the Altar of the Four Gods on the Daemon World of Sebaket.[1]

The five-hundredth such hunt took him to the planet Zincali VI, where a detachment of Imperial Fists backed up by Astra Militarum forces were being besieged by a Chaos army led by the Chaos Lord H'raxor. Scaevolla realized that the Imperial Fists Captain Demetros was his next target, invading the city that the Imperials had chosen to make their stand in. Scaevolla engaged Demetros in a duel, and actually planned to let the Fists Captain win, as the Black Legionary had grown weary of his repetitive existence over the years and wanted to finally die. When he tried to intentionally take a fatal blow from Demetros, the powers of Chaos forced him to survive and fight, going on to kill Demetros against his will. He then witnessed one of the Chaos Space Marines under his command, Ferox, being bestowed with the "gift" of ascension into a Chaos Spawn; in an instant, Scaevolla realized that the Gods of Chaos would never relinquish their hold on him. He later travelled back to Sebaket and added the Captain's skull to the Altar.[1]


Scaevolla commanded a Battle Frigate of the Black Legion known as the Talon of the Ezzelite, along with seven Chaos Space Marines that formed his personal unit.[1] These were:


In battle, Scaevolla wielded a runeblade known as Fornax, which was capable of cutting through practically any metal. He also carried a complement of haywire grenades.[1]