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Scarab Occult

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Post-Heresy Scarab Occult

The Scarab Occult, also known as the Sekhmet and Magnus's Veterans, were the Tactical Dreadnought Armour-equipped Terminator elite of the Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion, active for much of the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy.


Belonging to the 1st Fellowship of the legion, they were under the command of 1st Fellowship Captain Ahzek Ahriman.[1] Proud and devoted warriors, they were veterans of both battle and the Thousand Sons' psychic discipline system, with no member being of lower cult grade than Philosophus. This meant that each warrior was able to mentally transcend their personal tastes, likes, and dislikes to achieve a form of emotional purity that resulted in warriors both extremely loyal and calm, perfectly willing to obey every order given to them. This practise was commented on by some of the primarchs who witnessed them fight during the Great Crusade; Leman Russ called them "automatons," while Ferrus Manus called them "robots" - the former derisively, the latter complimentary.[1]

The total number of the Sekhmet is unknown, but the force present with Ahriman on Aghoru numbered eighty-one. Aghoru was one of the first times that they deployed their newly issued rotary cannons, although they deliberately chose to continue to refer to the weapon by the name of the previous Terminator-issue support cannon, the Reaper. This was due to the numerological significance of the word reaper, which fitted perfectly with the philosophy of the Thousand Sons.[1] Following the Council of Nikaea, the Scarab Occult took to cutting a vertical scar through the right lenses of their helmets in their primarch's image.[1e]

After the Heresy and the Rubric of Ahriman, the Scarab Occult were reduced to mere Rubicae along with most of the Legion. In the 41st millennium, they wage war at the side of Thousand Sons Sorcerers.[2]


Scarab Occults usually equipped with Inferno Combi-Bolters and Power Swords (made in a special Khopesh style). Also except the above mentioned rotary cannon, one of the unit's Scarab can have a Hellfyre Missile Rack or Heavy Warpflamer. Leaders of Rubric Marine units - Aspiring Sorcerers - also armed with Inferno combi-bolter and Force Stave or Power Sword.[3]


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