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Inquisitor Scarn is a centuries-old, shadowy, and extremely manipulative member of the Inquisition. His methods have been labeled eccentric or downright heretical by fellow Inquisitors. Throughout his career, he has often disappeared and was presumed dead, only to reappear several years later.[1]

Scarn rarely fights, and will make sure any direct confrontation is on his own terms. In the past, whenever Scarn was forced into a direct confrontation, something miraculous would always happen: it was a puppet servitor, a holographic representation, or a doppelganger even.[1]

Scarn's last sighting was at an Inquisitorial gathering, and has not been seen since. However, Scarn has spent much of his recent years in the Scarla Nyses sub-sector, particularly on Cirian V. He was said to have spent the better part of the last six decades developing his "ultimate plan", a scheme that will solve all the problems the Imperium faces.[1]


Scarn makes extensive use of highly advanced alien technology, often to get out of tight situations. He also has a bionic right arm, no doubt with digital weapons attached.[1]


Due to his shadowy modus operandi, not much is known about the people in Scarn's employment. The one known member of his retinue is the Hand of Scarn, Scarn's personal and fanatically-loyal assassin.[1]

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