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Scions of the Emperor (Anthology)

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Scions of the Emperor
Cover art
Author Various
Publisher Black Library
Series The Horus Heresy: The Primarchs
Released February 2019

Scions of the Emperor is a Horus Heresy anthology.



Crash landed upon a world of perpetual gloom, a young Ferrus Manus is forced to fight for his survival. Upon discovering a strange vessel, he investigates the ship but quickly finds himself battling monstrosities he is ill-prepared for.[2]

By David Guymer.[2]

The Verdict of the Scythe

Heavily criticized by his brothers over the brutal campaign at Galaspar, Mortarion attempts a new approach during the compliance of Absyrtus. However, discovering treachery at every turn, the Lord of Death must accept an unavoidable truth.[2]

By David Annandale.[2]

A Game of Opposites

Jaghatai Khan makes a virtue of being unknowable, yet Warsmith Xyrokles has studied the Warhawk's teachings. Choosing to step into a trap laid for him, the Khan of Khans teaches the traitors just how deadly their ignorance truly is.[2]

By Guy Haley.[2]

Better Angels

Art and war stand fist in glove where it comes to the warriors of the IX Legion. Wending a path through their turbulent history, during the days of the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, a Blood Angels Neophyte then legionary tries to capture the essence of beauty and art to present to his Primarch, Sanguinius.[2]

By Ian St. Martin.[2]

The Conqueror's Truth

Brought about the Nightfall, the Remembrancer Ares desires to witness the glory of the Great Crusade. The Primarch of the Night Lords, Konrad Curze, grants her request, sending her as a witness to a compliance of his Legion first hand, but in doing so reveals a dark and inconvenient truth.[2]

By Gav Thorpe.[2]

The Sinew of War

After having crushed a rebellion in Ilyria, a young Roboute Guilliman returns to the capital of Macragge City to be reunited with his father, Konor, only to discover insurrection and unrest running rampant.[2]

By Darius Hinks.[2]

The Chamber at the end of Memory

As the Siege of Terra nears, Rogal Dorn uncovers a series of bizarre deaths within the inner walls of the Palace. To find the truth, and faced with no other choice, the primarch must defy the Edict of Nikaea and return his Librarius to service, but what he discovers will shake him to his very core.[2]

By James Swallow.[2]

First Legion

Locked up in the midst of the Rangdan Xenocides, the Dark Angels of the First Legion are contacted by a mysterious warship under the command of Alpharius. When the stranger begins to ask questions about the campaign, he is summoned to the presence of The Lion himself for judgement.[2]

By Chris Wraight.[2]