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Scourge Campaign

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Scourge Campaign
Date 640-651.M41
Location Maelstrom
Outcome Imperial victory
Imperium Forces of Chaos


Astral Claws[1b]
Charnel Guard[1b]
Mantis Warriors[1b]
Imperial Navy[1b]
The Reborn[1b]
Unknown Heavy

The Scourge Campaign was a major military campaign launched by the Imperium in the Maelstrom Zone and into the Maelstrom from 640-651.M41. Though highly successful, its de facto termination by the High Lords of Terra before its aims had been completely achieved led to lasting resentment among the Astral Claws, contributing to the eventual treason of the Chapter.[1b]


After the formation of the Maelstrom Warders in 587.M41[1a] (a formation consisting of the Astral Claws, Charnel Guard, Mantis Warriors, and Lamenters) security in the long-chaotic Maelstrom Zone was much-improved. However, the local Imperials recognized that the region would never be truly secure unless the safe havens for the forces of Chaos, pirates, and xenos in the Maelstrom were eliminated.[1b]

In 640.M41, the Maelstrom Warders and allied Imperial contingents launched a series of massive combat operations. Relying on intelligence gathered for over 50 years of combat in the region, in addition to ancient tomes held by the Mantis Warriors, the Warders attacked not just planets of the Maelstrom Zone, but advanced into the Maelstrom itself. Despite striking into areas which had not witnessed any Imperial presence in centuries, they located and destroyed dozens of heretic and xenos strongholds.[1b]

At Taskar's Wound, the Warders cornered the Chaos Space Marine warband known as The Reborn, and inflicted massive losses on the latter, granting the Mantis Warriors revenge for the catastrophic Death of Cygnax of over a century before. Despite these great successes, however, the campaign began to stall when the Charnel Guard were withdrawn to the Veiled Region to wage the Thanatos Crusade. The Astral Claws petitioned the High Lords of Terra for reinforcements, but were denied. Thus, the Scourge Campaign ended uncompleted.[1b]

The following century saw a series of catastrophic events in the Maelstrom Zone which threatened to undo all of the successes of the Scourge Campaign. However, Astral Claws Chapter Master Lufgt Huron restored order, thus earning great power and setting the stage for the Badab War.[1b][1c]