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Scourge Stars

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Scourge Stars

The Scourge Stars is a small empire of diseased worlds that are controlled by the forces of Nurgle and lie to the galactic north of the Realm of Ultramar.[1]


The Scourge Stars were originally the Noxias, Verminox and Rottgrave Imperium Systems[2a], until the outbreak of the Thirteenth Black Crusade and the creation of the Great Rift; which caused the Warp to run unchecked, within an area of space now known as the Dark Imperium. When the Chaos God Nurgle discoverd the Dark Imperium's creation, he decided to enact his long held plan of annexing the prosperous worlds of the Realm of Ultramar, into his Garden and began what became known to the Imperium, as the Plague Wars. These series of fierce battles, between the forces of Nurgle and the Imperium, first occurred within Ultramar, but soon spread to the areas surrounding it. The three systems that became the Scourge Stars, were one such area and after they fell to the forces of Nurgle, they became an empire from where the Plague Father could continue to launch attacks against the nearby Realm of Ultramar. The plague forces located within the Scourge Stars are commanded by Nurgle's greatest commanders[1]: The Daemon Primarch Mortarion, the Herald Typhus and the Great Unclean One Ku'gath. All three were charged with the single goal of adding the worlds of Ultramar to the Chaos God's Garden and brought havoc to Lord Commander Guilliman's domain for decades[2b]. However, this ended when the forces of the Chaos Gods Tzeentch, Khorne and Slaanesh invaded the Scourge Stars[2a]; which forced Nurgle to withdraw his own forces from Ultramar in order to defend his new empire.[2b]