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Scrap Code

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Scrapcode is a type of Warp-infested computer virus capable of infecting all forms of machinery.

Scrapcode can be seen as the machine equivalent of the Dark Tongue, seemingly nonsensical at first but possessing an anarchic power that cripple a Machine Spirit and pervert a piece of technology to the cause of Chaos. It is said that even Knights and Titans have succumb tho this ravening, self-replicating scourge. Warpsmiths often oversee the implementation of Scrapcode, who turn have learned this art from the teachings of the Daemon Primarchs Mortarion and Perturabo.[2]

Scrap Code Generators are highly dangerous devices to possess as they are mechanisms of tech-heresy of the highest kind. By being coupled with sanctified Imperial machine spirits, they are able to inflict electronic virus-patterns into the datacurrents. They function by disrupting the currents and inducing electronic seizures leaving the shattered remnants of the machine spirit being reformated into a more pliable as well as useful configuration. This leaves the machine spirit with new functions and new loyalties.[1]