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Scratch Company

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A Scratch Company was an ad-hoc military unit made up of both civilians and Vervun Primary troopers cut off from the Hive during the opening acts of the Siege of Vervunhive. During the early stages of the war they tried to hold off the Zoican forces but were easily driven back into hiding when the sheer weight of numbers pressed against their defensive line.[1a]

After that the Scratch Companies would plant traps for the Zoican forces moving through the outhabs and go on search and destroy missions to take out Zoican troop positions or tanks.[1b]

When the Battle for Vervunhive went from outside the Curtain Wall into the main hive, most of the Scratch Companies moved into the hive as well trying to help out the Imperial Guard forces where they could. During the final stages of the battle members of Scratch Companies helped Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt and his strike force of Tanith and Volpone troops destroy the Zoican mobile command centre.[1c]

After the Siege, most members of the Scratch Companies joined the Imperial Guard after the passing of the Act of Consolation.[1d]

Notable Scratch Company Troops