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Screaming Flail

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The Screaming Flail is a famed Daemon Weapon of Slaanesh consisting of a screaming flail of daemonic faces.[1]

The flail was wielded by Artekus Bardane, a Space Marine of the Relictors Chapter, on the Daemon World of Eidolon[1] against the Cult of the Scarlet Vein.[2] Bardane was the sole survivor of the battle, inheriting the position of Chapter Master as a result.[2] The weapon was then taken back to the chapter's Fortress-monastery and placed within a stasis capsule.[1]

The Relictors would go on to use the weapon against the forces of Chaos themselves. Rechristened the Artekus Scourge, it was wielded by Bardane during the chapter's search for Angron's Monolith in the Equatorial Jungles of Armageddon.[2]