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The Scythians are a xenos species in the galaxy of which little was known except that they came from a region of space designated HR8518.[1]

They are noted as being a race of warrior-monks, dedicated to a peculiar form of armed martial arts.[2] The species is known to be the creators of both the Scythian Venom Talon[2] and the Scythian Fury Talons that are ritualistic weapons capable of delivering multiple doses of poisons or drugs.[3]

This race was first encountered shortly after the Horus Heresy and was previously unknown to the Imperium. At this time, the Crimson Fists Chapter engaged the xenos and cleansed their home system. During the Crusade, they specialised in underhanded surprise tactics and preferred the use of much-feared venom-based weaponry. During the war they met with only limited success but were able to strike down Alexis Polux, the first Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists. Some were able to survive the xenocide, and the race lives on as mercenaries, often offering services as assassins. Like the Tarellians, they are always keen to exact revenge against the hated Imperium.[1]


The Scythians were a real-life ancient nomadic people of Eurasia.

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