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Sebastian Thor

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Sebastian Thor was the shadowy and ill-defined figure who led the Confederation of Light and the people of the Imperium in the overthrow of the insane High Lord tyrant Goge Vandire.[1]


It is conjectured that Thor was a simple preacher born on the world of Dimmamar and little else is known of him before his rise to power. During the Reign of Blood as Goge Vandire was at the head of the Ecclesiarchy, Thor began to proselytize his people and lead them into opposition against Vandire. Vandire dispatched a fleet to crush the rebellion and kill Thor, but the fleet was wiped out by a warp storm that came to be known as the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath, suggesting that the Emperor himself was aiding Thor. After this, the Imperium erupted into rebellion against Vandire.[1]

Thor soon began a crusade to Terra, attracting several Space Marine chapters and the Adeptus Mechanicus to support him. After Vandire's defeat, Thor worked closely with the Fabricator-General of the Adeptus Mechanicus as well as Space Marine Chapter Masters in restoring the rule of law to Terra and reforming the Imperium so that a madman like Vandire could never rise to power again. The allies put Vandire's lackeys on trial and executed those found guilty, restored the High Lords of Terra, and worked with the Inquisition to end the Assassin Wars of Vindication. However the position of Ecclesiarch remained empty, and many thought Thor to naturally be its next position holder. However to the shock of all, Thor refused as he was too busy preaching the Imperial Cult on the northern rim of the Galaxy.[3]

Thor soon refused additional requests, and the insulted High Lords of Terra declared him to be a traitor, dispatching forces to apprehend him. Thor willingly turned himself in when confronted by the Adeptus Arbites, and a great trial on Terra personally overseen by the High Lords began. Lasting months, the verdict was eventually delivered by the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes, stating that Thor was innocent of every charge brought out against him. Mass celebration erupted across Terra at the news. Again, the High Lords offered Thor the position of Ecclesiarch and again he refused, citing his desire to spread the word of the Emperor rather then sit on the Ecclesiarch's throne on Terra. The High Lords erupted in outrage and indignation, yet the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes took Thor aside and whispered a single message into his ear. Though no other heard what was said, it is commonly thought the Captain threatened Thor with death if he refused. However to the adulation of the adoring masses, Thor announced he would accept the position of Ecclesiarch.[3]

However Thor agreed to take the position only on a number of conditions. That he could travel freely across the galaxy, have the unswerving backing of the High Lords, and make whatever changes to the Holy Synod that he saw fit. The High Lords agreed, and Thor became the 292nd Ecclesiarch. For the best part of the next century, Thor worked tirelessly in reforming in the Imperium. Reformations included establishing the Synod Ministra on Ophelia VII and disbanding the Frateris Templar, creating the Sisters of Battle in its place. Thor only returned to Terra at the age of 112, where he died six months later.[1]

His preserved head is currently in the possession of Trazyn the Infinite.[2]

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