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Forge Master Sebastion was the ranking Techmarine in the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter after the fall of Sotha.[2]


In the evacuation of Sotha, Sebastion was stationed aboard the Cruiser Nova Prospectum. The ship was thrown off-course by the Shadow in the Warp, but was eventually able to reach the Chapter's muster point in the Miral System. Indeed, the Nova Prospectum was in a considerably better state of repair than most of the Chapter's surviving fleet, thanks to Sebastion and his techmarines.[1a]

Sebastion was ordered by Captain Thracian, the acting Master of the Fleet, to take the Nova Prospectum to retrieve the contents of a series of supply caches that the Scythes maintained across Sothara.[1a] When the tyranids later attacked the Miral System as well, Thracian took a significant portion of the Chapter's fleet and, rather than using them to defend the system, took them to rendezvous with Sebastion and ensure the success of his mission.[1b] Afterwards, Thracian's and Sebastion's ships returned to the Miral System, their cargo holds loaded with rare weaponry and ordnance.[1c]

As Forge Master, it was Sebastion's responsibility to ensure that new recruits were trained as techmarines as the Chapter was rebuilt. He had identified Neophyte Narro as having a natural gift for practical problem solving, and had begun his early training shortly before the neophyte's death in the 21st Salvation Team, under Sergeant Tiresias.[2] He also accepted Neophyte Bokari for possible apprenticeship to the Forge after he delivered considerable amounts of power armour recovered from various Tyranid Hive Fleets.[3]

Sebastion had an ongoing project, which was the restoration of damaged or lost Terminator armour. After the fall of Sotha, the Scythes were apparently left with only three such suits, and Sebastion's acquisition of a fourth partial suit was a major leap forwards in putting together a Codex-approved squad.[3]

He wore a full Servo-harness, and was equipped with a bulky ocular array.[3]