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Second Battle of Exyrion

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the battle in M41; for the battle in M31, see Battle of Exyrion.
Second Battle of Exyrion
Second Battle of Exyrion.jpg
The Dark Angels and Iron Warriors at war
Conflict Calaphrax Campaign
Date After 939.M41
Location Exyrion, Calaphrax Cluster
Outcome Mutual Annihilation
Dark Angels Iron Warriors
4th Master Seraphus
Interrogator-Chaplain Altheous
Baron Kastor
Lord Korus
Lion's Blade Strike Force:
Terminator Librarian
Deathwing Knights
Deathwing Terminators
Ravenwing Squadrons
4th Company

Knights of Tintaroth:
Knight Errant
2 Knight Crusaders
2 Knight Paladins
Iron Warriors Warband:
Chaos Terminators
Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Raptors
Chaos Dreadnought
Severe, gene-seed irrecoverable All but obliterated

The Second Battle of Exyrion was a battle fought in M41 between the Dark Angels and Iron Warriors on the site of the Horus Heresy Battle of Exyrion.[1c]


After the Calaphrax Cluster was wracked by warp storms for ten millennia following the last battle, both the Dark Angels and Iron Warriors returned to Exyrion. The Dark Angels sought to erase any trace of the Fallen, who aided the Iron Warriors,[1a] whilst the Chaos Lord Korus was in search of the weapon that had devastated the planet.[1b]

The Dark Angels initially landed a single squad for reconnaissance purposes, finding the planet's surface infested by daemons, but with survivors in subterranean caverns beneath a hive.[1b] The Iron Warriors launched an asteroid at the hive, cracking it open before launching a full planetary assault - matched by Seraphus' ordering his own orbital drop.[1c] Interrogator-Chaplain Altheous arrived with a contingent of the Knights of Tintaroth, but was informed by Baron Kastor that the other Barons had been convinced not to send a second wave by another Dark Angel.[1d]

As the battle raged on the surface, Squad Kalidius discovered the weapon of the Iron Warriors, which had been co-opted as a power supply by the denizens of the underground hive.[1c] The Dark Angels were able to hold the Iron Warriors off until the arrival of the mutant Beoth, who killed three of the four survivors. Before he died, Sergeant Kalidius ordered Balthus to trigger the weapon, devastating the planet. In the aftermath, a heavily wounded Baltus saw one of the Fallen drag Rendix away.[1d]

The Iron Warriors were all but obliterated and their surviving warships fled. The Dark Angels suffered grave losses, the gene-seed of those who fell thought to be irrecoverable.[2]