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Second Battle of Paramar V

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The Second Battle of Paramar V was an engagement of the Horus Heresy, taking place in 011.M31.

Occurring two years after the initial traitor victory in the First Battle of Paramar, the second engagement saw loyalist forces consisting of the Legio Atarus, Legio Ignatum, Legio Solaria, Blood Angels, and White Scars clash with defending traitors consisting of the Legio Fureans, Legio Mortis, Sons of Horus, and Word Bearers.[1]

The loyalists conducted a series of diversionary attacks across the Paramar System in order to draw the forces away from their true target, before conducting a full-scale assault on Paramar V's primary spaceport. The loyalists were able to capture it intact and then pressed outwards to begin the destruction of the mass-provender silos sprawling across the plateau beyond. However it was soon revealed that the traitor's had seen through this plan and launched an enormous counter-attack. Though they inflicted heavy casualties on their attackers, the loyalist invasion force was surrounded and destroyed mercilessly.[1]