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Second Battle of Prospero

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the battle between the White Scars and Death Guard. For other uses of Battles of Prospero, see Battles of Prospero (disambiguation).
Second Battle of Prospero
Conflict Horus Heresy
Date ~007.M31
Location Prospero System
Outcome Death Guard withdraw[1c]
Loyalists Traitors
Primarch Jaghatai Khan
Jemulan Noyan-Khan
Targutai Yesugei
Shiban Khan
Captain Qin Xa
Bion Henricos[1c]
Primarch Mortarion
Hasik Noyan-Khan(POW)
Hibou Khan(POW)
Goghal Khan(POW)[1c]
White Scars loyalists
Shattered Legions elements
Death Guard fleet
White Scars traitors
Light[1c] Light[1c]

The Second Battle of Prospero was an engagement during the Horus Heresy.[1c]

The battle was the culmination of a plot by Warmaster Horus to integrate the White Scars into his own forces. The traitor's plan was to have Warrior Lodges within the Scars led by Hasik Noyan-Khan take control of the Legion's fleet and join with the Death Guard while Jaghatai Khan was investigating on Prospero. Traitor forces aboard the Swordstorm, led by Hasik and Torghun Khan, took control of the bridge, instigating chaos throughout the fleet as small-scale engagements erupted.[1a]

Loyalist Shiban Khan and his Brotherhood of the Storm managed to eventually board the Swordstorm via Sojutsu pattern voidbikes with the help of Departmento Munitorum general Ilya Ravallion, who opened a docking bay for them. Shiban led his forces to the Swordstorm's bridge, battling Torghun's Brotherhood of the Moon. Around the same time a fleet of four Death Guard battleships led by Mortarion himself aboard the Endurance arrived in the Prospero system. As the Death Guard fleet waited to see which way the White Scars would turn, Mortarion teleported to Prospero's surface and attempted to turn the Great Khan himself. When Mortarion failed, the two Primarch's and their retinues came to blows. Meanwhile Shiban's efforts on the Swordstorm's bridge were strengthened when Jemulan Noyan-Khan arrived and fought against the conspirators. Loyalists began regaining control of the White Scars fleet, as Targutai Yesugei arrived and had his small fleet of captured traitor ships manned by Salamanders and Iron Hands engage the Death Guards.[1b]

The battle in space caused Mortarion to leave his duel with the Khan, knowing his mission had been a failure. Jaghatai was teleported aboard the Swordstorm shortly after, arriving amidst a bloody melee between his own Legion. The Great Khan's arrival promptly ended the fight, and most of the traitor surrendered themselves. He then directed his fleet to engage the Death Guard, causing a brief but intense battle which ended with Mortarian withdrawing from the system.[1c]


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