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Second Purging of Lastrati

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The Second Purging of Lastrati (also Second Lastrati Punative Campaign) in 543.M36[1], a part of the Athalor Crusade, was a result of the Quintarchs of Lastrati turning to barbaric blood rituals and human sacrifices in search of genetic perfection.[Needs Citation]

Marshal Gervhart and the Black Templars warriors of the Athalor Crusade had come to Lastrati to take heart from the planet's potent displays of faith in the past, but were horrified by what they found.[Needs Citation]

At first the Marines where welcomed as examples of genetic supremacy, but the more the Marines saw, the more they realised that the rituals of the people of Lastrati had more similarities with worship of the Ruinous Powers. Gervhart declared the Quintarchs of Lastratie Excommunicate Dictatus and personally executed them.[Needs Citation]

After four years of fighting, the warriors of Marshal Gervhart forced the remaining forces of Lastrati back into the Plain of Purity where they made their last stand before the Black Templars at the Hill of Heretics. The army was destroyed, the Black Templars showing no mercy and accepting no surrender.[Needs Citation]

Following the Black Templar's departure, a number of demagogue covens begin to rise. The Storm Giants chapter launches a series of punitive operations to restore order. [1]