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Secret Order of Psykana

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The Secret Order of Psykana, also known as the Order Psykana and as the Ordo Psykana, is an elite body within the Blood Ravens Chapter and consists entirely of Psykers.


Through contacts with the Scholastia Psykana, the Secret Order of Psykana maintained the capacity to recruit a great number of psykers with a number of its most talented students being reserved for service with the Blood Ravens. Those members of this body had a distinct emblem of the organisation which is placed on the forehead. This delicate metallic emblem often glinted like a third eye, just above the temple.[1]

The Order Psykana is vital in the ceremony known as the Summoning of the Exodus which involves a telepathic choir using the Beacon Psykana. As such, they are charged with the custody of the Sanctorium Arcanum onboard the Litany of Fury, a secret chamber whose existence is known only to the initiates of the Order and a select few. In addition, they possess an armoury known as the Psykana Armourium where a host of Force weapons are placed. When new Librarians are chosen, they are allowed to choose one of these relics that have become a part of the Beacon Psykana itself thus giving them a permanent connection to it. Through this, they are capable of drawing upon it in times of need and likewise, the Beacon itself draws upon the psychic pulse of the Blood Ravens allowing them to conduct their Summoning of the Exodus.[1]

Among the hidden lore of this body, it is theorised that the existence of the Sanctorium showed that their Chapter is dear to the undying soul of the Emperor. It is also a tradition for the remains of a lost Librarian of the Secret Order of Psykana to be placed at the altar of the Sanctorium Arcanum for a hundred days. Only the newly inducted initiates within the Order are told its secrets, which included knowledge of the secret Psykana Armorium chambers within the Sanctorium Arcanum.[1]

It was not unprecedented for entire companies of Blood Ravens to be formed that consisted of Librarians who were under the semi-autonomous command of a Father Librarian. In fact, this is the usual manner through which the Order deploys itself in its own unique way on the battlefield. The complicated nature of its arrangement with the Ecclesiarchy, the Scholastia Psykana and even to the great halls of Terra itself meant that the Order Psykana resembled an entrenched organisation itself with its own internal hierarchy and distinct sense of purpose. Ultimately, however, each Librarian in the Order was a Blood Raven first and foremost. Concentrations of Psykana Librarians within normal combat groupings were rarely formed as the mysterious and secretive order reserved the right to organise itself into battle formations when the need arose. However, the Order defined the term dire slightly differently compared to the rest of the Chapter.[1]

It is a highly secret body that relied on this ability to protect both themselves as well as their assets from their enemies.[1]


The existence of the Secret Order of Psykana goes as far back as 999.M39, millennia ago when a Librarian had been dispatched with a fellow Blood Raven marine as part of a Deathwatch team that went to the planet Tartarus in order to witness the fight between the Daemon of the Maledictum and an Eldar Avatar of Khaine.[2]

The Order also existed during the time of the Great Father Vidya as after his defeat of the Harlequin Lavena the Joyful, he entrusted that Eldars psychic weapon known as Vaironacum to the Secret Order of Psykana. Since that time, the group has remained as its guardians for many centuries. Since those days, the Librarians of the Order had stood countless times in the Sanctorium Arcanum as overseers of the rite. They also often sought out settlements that belonged to the mysterious Eldar known as the Harlequins as they were rumoured to possess knowledge of rifts in the space-time continuum. Such a knowledge of the Warp is believed to be possible of recovering the Fated Fifth Company. Gabriel Angelos had once authorised the use of a strikeforce of Psykana Librarians in a raid against an immobilised Dark Eldar cruiser on the edges of the Circuitrine nebula which had been commanded by a young Jonas Urelie.[1]

At some point in the past, the planet of Etiamnun III was bequethed to the Imperium by the Eldar of Craftworld Altansar before it was lost in the Eye of Terror. Etiamnun III was a small distant world that is located on the edge of the Eastern Fringe and was known to had been a barren as well as inhospitable planet. It was home to a small population consisting of reclusiams and for a number of decades fell under the protection of the Order Psykana; a closely guarded secret from everyone including their own Chapter which was one of the ways that protected the world from attack.[1]

During the Sacking of the Etiamnun Reclusiam, the Order was summoned to protect the world from the attack of a Thousand Sons Chaos Sorceror who managed to conquer it easily. By the time they arrived, the sorceror was already gone, and it was discovered that he along with his compatriots had disappeared into a secret Webway portal hidden underneath the ruins of the planet. However, in his haste, he had dropped a copy of The Tome of Karebennian — a fabled text that is rumoured to have contained the means of navigating the Webway and finding the Eldar's Black Library. After the recovery of the text, the Order destroyed it as the quest for alien knowledge was forbidden as present within the Edict of Nikaea. This story is not shared to many outside the Order Psykana.[1]