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Secutarii Hoplite

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Secutarii Hoplite[1]

Secutarii Hoplites are a type of Skitarii warrior of the Secutarii Titan Guard.[1]

The principal type of warrior employed by the Secutarii, Hoplites were a defensive force augmented and equipped to resist infantry assaults in the most hazardous of battlefields. Their strength comes from both their absolute discipline and from their energy barriers generated by the Kyropatris field generations. The power of these surgically implanted generators is amplified into their Mag-Inverter Shields, which allow them to take a massive amount of enemy firepower.[1]

In counterattacks, Hoplites are deadly and use their Arc Lances to bathe the battlefield in torrents of artificial lightning as their Cogitator-assisted protocols allow them to operate both in dispersed skirmishing lines or as escorts for Titans.[2]

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