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Sedition's Gate (Anthology)

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Sedition's Gate
Author Nick Kyme, Chris Wraight, Guy Haley, Rob Sanders, David Annandale
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Released May 2014
Pages 142

Sedition's Gate is a short-story anthology that was released exclusively at Horus Heresy Weekender in 2014.[1] These short stories were re-collected as part of War Without End published in January 2016.

Cover Description

Across the galaxy, the war for the future of humanity rests on a knife-edge. While the greatest heroes of the Imperium battle the traitor forces, in the shadows, the power of Chaos is in the ascendance.

This anthology features five unique stories:

Artefacts Aboard the Salamander’s flagship, the Primarch Vulkan entrusts his legacy to his legion in the hands of the first Forgefather.

The Harrowing Through stealth and deceit, the Alpha Legion have boarded an imperial vessel. Now they set out to take the ship, their ruthless and methodical strategy employed to devastating effect.

Allegiance Arvida of the Thousand Sons find himself welcomed as a brother by the White Scars Legion. But can this orphan of Prospero ever truly be at home amongst the savage warriors of Chogoris?

The Laurel of Defiance On the world of Astagar, the 90th company of the Ultramarines, take on the might of a Chaos Titan.

Sermon of Exodus Journeying from across the wastes of Davin, the faithful flock to prove themselves worthy in the eyes of dark gods. A Prequel to The Damnation of Pythos.



Vulkan tells T'kell of how he went with Horus and Jaghatai Khan to stop Konrad Curze from destroying his home world, Nostramo. Vulkan believed there was no redemption for Curze, and Curze was the start of the Horus Heresy. Originally, Horus thought that Vulkan could redeem Curze, but instead Curze became more structured in his terroristic attacks. Eventually, Vulkan realizes that Horus embraced the dark side of Curze's nature and thank Vulkan for crafting him into a powerful weapon. This caused Vulkan to question how all of his weapons could be abused if placed in the wrong hands.[2]

Vulkan appoints T'kell as "Forgefather" and obligates him to destroy all of the great weapons in his armoury. T'kell protested, seeking to save them all, but Vulkan only allows him to spare seven of the items. Vulkan then armors himself and takes the hammer originally crafted for Horus as he joins the retribution fleet heading to confront the rebels on Isstvan. [2]

The Harrowing

by Rob Sanders

Alpha Legion warriors of the First Hort, Third Harrow under Strike Commander Dartarion Varix infiltrate the Mechanicum Ark Freighter Omnissiax and destroy the Light Frigate escort Denticilicon. The story begins with operative 55/Phi-silon awaking a group of Alpha Legion warriors within the Omnissiax early. Their mission was to take the ship and its Warmonger Titan (Abyssus Edax) as it headed to Terra for unspecified reasons. The freighter, under the command of Arkmaster Manus Cruciam, was from the Heliodyne shipyards and was transporting the Titans Legio Perennia's newly created Battle Group Astramax. The Mechanicum frigate was diverted from its mission to relieve the planet Callistra Mundi as it was in mid-rebellion instigated by a separate Alpha Legion group. Varix's men were forced to change their strategy and instead seize the ship prematurely to aide in the rebellion. Otherwise, the Mechanicum forces would have allowed the loyalists to interfere with the Alpha Legion's plans.[3]

The Alpha Legion begin to take the ship, causing chaos and disorder wherever they can. Eventually, Varix and 55/Phi-silon travel into the bilge of the ship where a princeps and his crew are kept in cryo-stasis. The crew are activated and ordered to take control of the Warmonger Titan as the Alpha Legion proceed in their plans to seize the ship. While fighting becomes most intense, the Titan's weapons are activated and the defenders are disrupted. Varix makes his way to the command deck, first sending in servitors rigged with explosives before seizing control. Varix activiates operative Logista Minora Auxabel, who uses the ship to blast apart the undefended Dentilicon before they proceed to join the other Alpha Legions in their conquest of Callistra Mundi.[3]


by Chris Wraight

Revuel Arvida joined the Scars aboard the Swordstorm following the 2nd Battle of Prospero and spent his time recovering with Storm Seer Targutai Yesugei. Slowly, he began to regain his strength and his precognitive powers. Yesugei made repeated attempts to convince Arvida to join the Scars, even commissioning a hybrid pauldron to replace the one broken during the fighting. During this time, Arvida repeatedly experiences vivid dreams of his time at Prospero, searching for some lost artefact or remain of his brothers, the Thousand Sons, and he thinks often on Menes Kalliston. In his dream, he finds a pack of scrying cards once owned by Ahriman that he picks up, though he was warned against it by a mysterious White Scar. During this time, he began to experience the effects of the curse, which he kept secret from the Scars.[4]

Arvida was brought into the trials of the oath breakers, a kurultai ("summit of the khans" led by Jaghatai Khan the Primarch) who would either be judged to become one of the sagyar mazan ("bringers of vengeance") or killed due to their taking of the tsusan garag (blood oath/death oath). The trial was of Orzun of the Brotherhood of the Hooked Blade, and he admitted to thinking the Emperor joined with xenos and that Horus was in the right. Although he knew that he was wrong, he sought death due to his taking the blood oath, and he refused to break oaths. It was Orzun who Arvida saw in his dreams, and the Khan quickly executed him, thought it brought him pain to do so. Contemplating fully joining the Scars, Arvida broke down and went so far as to almost fleeing aboard the small ship Tajik, because he believed that he had a destiny connected to the raven image associated with the Corvidae's emblem. Orzun's statements on not breaking oaths got to him, and he knew he could not turn back on who he was.[4]

The Laurel of Defiance

by Guy Haley

The horrors of the Shadow Crusade are over – the Word Bearers and their World Eaters allies have been driven back, and peace restored to Ultramar. But a new danger has arisen – a political one, as Primarch Guilliman and his brothers have declared themselves rulers of a new Imperium. Lucretius Corvo, Ultramarines captain and survivor of many battles, is unsure. But he is to be honoured by the primarchs with the Laurel of Defiance for his heroism, and it would be foolish to voice his doubts in such a time...

Sermon of Exodus

by David Annandale


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