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Eldar Farseer

Seers are members of the Eldar race who have passed through the many stages of the Eldar Path, which allows them to be confident enough to have mastered the mind and thus utilize their psychic powers in a more open way without fear of attracting daemons or creating rifts within the warp. Those that follow such a discipline are said to walk down the Witch Path or the Path of the Seer where they gain proper training and experience in the use of their natural psyker-based abilities.[1a]


The development of their powers comes through the way of special Seer Runes that are made of wraithbone and kept in special bags or cases. These items can be thousands of years old and passed from one Seer to the next with new runes being added by the successive owners. In addition, these Eldar wear spirit stones that hold the souls of dead Seers who serve as spirit-guides where they hold the position of guiding their charge down the Path of the Seer whilst protecting them from the dangers of the warp. These spirits are the ones that gather the power of the warp and channel it through the Runes in order to provide their psychic energy. Through this manner, both the spirit stones and the Runes serve as psychic fuses that protect the vulnerable Eldar mind from the great power of the warp.[1a]

Every Seer explores their psychic potential in their own way with some learning to move objects through kinetic forces and use this technique to create living symphonies of shape as well as movement. Others instead use their talents towards empathic powers for healing purposes or to counsel others. The range of their abilities is vast and largely depends on the roles the Seer has explored whilst walking the Eldar Path. An example of this can be of an individual who lived the life of an engineer and may learn to apply their psychic powers to the structuring and arrangement of matter into buildings or bridges.[1b]

The Seers of the Craftworlds believe that the Webway contains many secret paths that lead through time and reality itself.[2]

Types of Eldar Seers