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Segas was the first Chaplain of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter of Space Marines.[1]


Segas was a Chaplain of the Ultramarines Second Company at the time of the Third Founding. Seeking to remove evidence of both Imperium Secundus and Guilliman's defiance of his own Codex Astartes by maintaining a phantom 11th Company, Chapter Master Tigris Decon sent Segas and Wenlocke to Sotha to offer Captain Oberdeii, the last surviving member of the Aegida Company, a choice of reassignment to the 5th Company or continuing to guard the Pharos as Master of a new 'Aegida Chapter'.[2]

Oberdeii, initially appalled that Rogal Dorn had initiated another founding, reluctantly agreed to found a new Chapter, but chose to name them the Scythes of the Emperor. Segas and Wenlocke joined the new Chapter, along with 72 veterans of the Orlan Conquest.[2]

Segas was a noted scholar of Chapter lore, being well versed in the writings of Lamiad, Corvo and Prayto, amongst others.[2]

After his death, Segas's remains were interred on the reliquary world of Egottha.[1]

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