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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Imperial General; for the Luna Wolves Captain, see Hastur Sejanus.

Sejanus was a general during the Macharian Crusade.


Sejanus was the right hand man to Lord Commander Solar Macharius and was by his side throughout the campaign. A huge man with bright red hair and a massive voice,[1] Sejanus was always beside Macharius, in all the things he did. He never questioned the wisdom of the methods they used and always undertook his orders with ruthless efficiency. He was also the commander of the Mordian forces during the Macharian Crusade, it is assumed that he was a General in rank. His most famous action was to tell Macharius that the crusade was over when they reached Ultima Macharia. The men were too afraid to talk to Macharius due to his fiery temper, but they could talk to Sejanus who in turn sent the message on to Macharius.

The date of his death is unknown, but he is said to have remained loyal to the Imperium during the subsequent Macharian Heresy.[1] After the war he became the first Imperial Commander of the Macharian Sector. While his reign was a long one, it was not personally joyous for the Lord General. He lost a considerable number of children in the Imperium's wars, and renamed the Cytheris Sub-Sector after one of his beloved daughters who rose to Colonel but was slain during the Macharian Heresy. After his death, Sejanus was declared an Imperial Saint.[1]