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Selenar was a gene-cult on Luna during the Age of Strife.

The Selenar were conquered by the fledgling Imperium during the Pacification of Luna, but in revenge the gene-crafters were somehow able to corrupt the gene-seed of the III Legion with a disease known as "the Blight".[1] At some point, it is known that the Selenite cults were purged by the Imperium[2], but at least some remaining elements endured on Luna over the last of their gene-tech by the time of the Solar War. Shortly before the Siege of Terra during the storming of Luna by Sons of Horus forces under Abaddon, the Selenar Matriarch, Heliosa-78, refused to carry out her orders from Rogal Dorn to destroy her gene-tech in order to prevent it from falling into traitor hands. She and the surviving Selenar instead pledged themselves to Warmaster Horus and promised to deliver onto him new Astartes warriors.[5]